Saturday, October 3, 2009

'Vikramaditya's Combat Management System

The 'Lesorub-E' CMS is installed on the Indian 'Vikramaditya' carrier (former 'Admiral Gorshkov'), now refurbished in 'Sevmash'. It's the export variant of 'Lesorub' CMS for the Russian prospective carrier project. According to the developer, NPO 'Mars', the system is designed for combat control of a ship and a task force on basis of the weapon integration into one complex and for the automation of decision making concerning force and armament engagement.

Tech characteristics and technologies:

1)      X-band wireless radio channel 0.95 Mbit/s;
2)      Intel processors' based disposed computing system;
3)      Local net - Ethernet 10/100/1000, RS-485;
4)      Weapon integration standards Ethernet, MIL STD-1553B, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485;
5)      Fusing of 4 information channels (radar, TV, map, targets) on each terminal;
6)      Recording of all system information in real time.


  1. Thank you for an excellent post. Can you translate the entire article. Thanks in advance.

  2. What is meant an export variant? Does an export variant mean downgraded one in terms of capability just as americans do? If its not, then why special designation?

  3. to anon October 3, 2009 7:51 PM:

    An 'export variant' in such a case doesn't mean intentionally downgrading. The Indo-Russian cooperation is too deep, then the Indian forces often had a weapon the RuArmy and Navy hadn't yet (T-90S, Su-30MKI). The 'export variant' means an English interface and COTS processors. For domestic needs they will use only Russian-made DSPs.

  4. How is the Russian Defence Industry viewing the delay in delivering of Admiral Ghorshkov specially when India is going in for some real spending in its defence procurements. It is very sad to see the delay and the spat (regarding pricing issue) between India and Russia. This should never had happened. It gifted an opportunity to the French & the US companies to reinforce that the Russian Defence Industry is not serious about its commitments towards India. Igor your views on this.

  5. Thanks Igor da,

    Another query.If Su-30MKI is considered potent than the Su-27's and 30's which RuAF is operating, why aren't they upgrading their own birds?

    Also, how many Akula's are on offer to India? Some news are showing it as 2 and some others as 1. I for one believe that 1 alone would not suffice. Is the second one on offer?

    Thanks for taking time in replying for my earlier comment. Appreciate that!

    Thanks Russia and Jai Hind!

  6. @ Manish,

    Russian officials are taking this delay very seriuosly. They really didn't want this to happen. We can see their seriousness by the statements from Russian President when he visited ship yard few months back. They know that this may potentially cause others to creep into their market.

    As for the price of Gorky is concerned, every thing is not revealed. It may be a part of a bigger plan. Just imagine Gorky, Akula, ATV, MIG-29K. We do not know what others are involved.

    You concerns regarding the encroachment by French and Americans are true only to some extent. Only in rare cases, the products offered by French and americans come in direct competetion to Russian. Most of the cases Russians carry them away with low price for same technology.

    Indians know what to buy from where. Hence, Russia will always have its pie and no one could encroach it. When a new partner like Isreal enters the stage, what they are doing is that they are just eating into the remainder. Infact thats the way it should. Afrerall, you cannot say that everything made by Russians suit Indian requirements well. We may need to assemble best from different sources to make a superior product. Su-30MKI and Phalcons can be taken as examples.

  7. to Venu:

    1) They do upgrade Su-27 to Su-27SK however in insufficient numbers, now go preferring new palnes. Like the deal for some tens brand new Su-35s was signed with RuAF soon.
    2) My feeling Nerpa will remain alone - only pure Russian in Indian inventory and then they will concentrate on ToT and expertise transfer for building Akula-III class SSN in India itself.

  8. to Manish Kumar:

    I think Russia must pay at least partially for this mistake, because it's mostly a mistake in contract evaluation of the Russian negotiator. Personally I cannot see how in this situation Russians can hope for profit, maximum they can expect a zero-profit deal if not pure lost for Sevmash in such situation. However it's better than image loss. The Russian government must cover these losses financially because the contract was signed by the high Russian tops like Sergey Ivanov ( former DM, now Putin's deputy).

  9. why should Russia bear loss fo making fit the aircraft carrier?
    can the indians dare make such request to americans when buying crap boat called tretton?
    can the indians press americans as to why are they selling to indian crap f16 when they had already given thos aircraft free to indian nemy paksitan?
    one of the causes of demise of soviet union was friend like india whoe elites worhsipped america and sent their kids there while benefitting from freee largesee of russia in weaponary agaisnt american armed paksitan.
    i know beucase i am an indian and am ahsamed of indians lack of gratitute to teh russian and their licking the american arse for whatever the americans farts through.

    avatar singh

  10. Thanks for translating. Is the Lesorub the system that is used on the Admiral Kuznetsov or is its first installation on the Vikramaditya? I have heard mention of the Lesorub being deployed on Sovremennys.