Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gorshkov's 101st anivesary

Today is 101st anniversary of Sergey Georgievich Gorshkov, a Soviet-Russian admiral and the most known abroad Soviet Navy strategist.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Replacement for 'Satan'

The previous information about Russian plans to develop a replacement for Satan (Voevoda) ICBM was confirmed yesterday ( February, 24) by Russian deputy DM Popovkin. An additional unnamed source in Russian mil-ind complex has confirmed the information for ITAR-TASS. He said the new missile will have 10 warheads with 1 Mt capacity each, but probably will be slightly lighter than Satan. He confirmed the new missile uses liquid fuel and is planed to be ready in 2018.

Friday, February 11, 2011

MiG-29UPG detailes

The characteristics of Indian MiG-29 upgrade was confirmed by TsAMTO analytic center in Russia.
Engines RD-33 ser 3 with BARK-88 FADEC and KSU-941UB removed control system.
Radar Zhuk-ME
Sh-3UM-1 Helmet Mounted Integrated Targeting system
Displays’ number - 4
K-36D-3.5 – ejecting chair
BTsVM-90/BTsVM-486-2 – onboard computer
BKTsO Digital signal processor
L-150NU – passive guiding missiles station
A new EW station (not elaborated)
SVR video recording system, KARAT-B whole recording system
BINS-SP navigation system with GPS
A-053 radio-altmeter
MS-2 voice warning system

The weapon: RVV-AE, R-73E, R-27R1/R-27T1, R-27ER1/R-27ET1, Kh-29T/L, Kh-31A/P, Kh-35, KAB-500KR/OD/L, unguided bombs 50-500 kg, S-24B, S-8 unguided rockets.
1500 and 1900 liters dropped fuel tanks
The contract for 63 Indian MiG-29 modernization was signed 2008, March 7 for $964 mil.
Some third part partners are involved in the contract, like Thales with NSM cryptographic system and CIT identification systems (the contract was signed in 2010, March).
Meanwhile, the Russian government committee of mil-tech cooperation vice-president Dzirkaln said Russia won 75% of Indian (finished) tenders during last 3 years.

The first fly of MiG-29UPG was occured February 4, 2011 in LII Gromov center, Moscow region. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

technical post

Considering my long absence would be good to explain: the only cause for this is my extensive work and other important commitments lead to lack of free time. I have no intention to close this blog or change its specialisation.  Although the site works distressingly slow on my comp, significantly prolonging each posting, may be a new notebook will solve this problem. My regards to all those, who read my blog despite last 'glitches' and delays with answers. You are all my true friends)

Friday, February 4, 2011

The current status of Vikra. Video update.

After recurrent asking. The video about Vikramaditya building, partially - the officially information from 'Sevmash'.

- The first plane will take off the sip in middle of 2012 (MiG-29K). The readiness is 70% (Dec. 2010). Cables 2400 km long. The fans are new - about 1000 units. The pumps re new too. The nose ungle is 14 grad. 16 MiG-29K/KUB and as 10 helos. Le length of the desk is 283 m.