Thursday, March 18, 2010

Indian SSN plans and Nerpa leasing

''Nerpa will help India in its objective to have three SSBNs (nuclear-powered submarines with long-range missiles) and six SSNs (nuclear-powered attack submarines) in the long-term" - wrights Rajat Pandit  in 'The Times of India'. His article was written in the wake of the news from Russia, confirming, that a group of Indian personal (50 crewmen with 8-10 officers between them) is coming to Russia for training on Akula-II class submarine.

Interestingly, I was right, when early have supposed the existence of Indian SSN ambitions and the link between them and the Nerpa leasing. It's despite only few information was about this in media. But sometimes it's easy to guess... I think, I will not be much wrong if say, that 1) the design works are already started and 2) the prospective Indian SSN will be based on Akula-II technologies and constructive solutions.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Putin's trip in India. Results

After many unofficial commentaries in press it's may be interesting to bring briefly the list of outcomes according to Russia's Government site:

Documents signed:

1) Intergovernmental agreement about cooperation in nuclear sphere.
2) The road map of peaceful nuclear cooperation for 2010.
3) Joint venture for GLONASS equipment - establishment document.
4) Inter-ministerial memorandum about bilateral trade of fertilizers .
5) Framework agreement on fertilizers trade.

Verbal agreements (as resulted from Putin's speech):

1) Two Indian astronauts in 2013.
2) Cooperation in space research and particularly - in Lunar program.
3) Follow cooperation in mil. sphere including 5th gen. fighter program.
4) Russia confirmed literally: 'to not cooperate with Pakistan, taking into consideration India's concerns'.
5) Joint fighting terrorism.
6) Students exchange activation.
7) Mutual recognition of university certificates.

Early signed:
1) + 29 MiG-29K/KUB's for Vikramaditya carrier.
2) Additional agreement on Vikramaditya price.

Early declared:
1) + 42 Su-30MKI agreement in negotiation, will be signed till 2010 end.

Don't I miss something?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Topol-M and other stuff video

The May 9 Victory Day rehearsal in Russia. First time Topol-M missiles on an 8-axle chassis are demonstrated in number.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PAK FA with 'Brahmos'

The PAK FA chief designer Alexander Davydenko said, that during development work, the fight between T-50 and F-22 was modeled with good outcome for T-50. He also informed that the new avionics, weapon systems are already exist but will appeared latter since the 1st prototype is not ready for actually weapon carrying. The 2015 as the end term for starting serial supply was confirmed too. 
Most inportant he said, T-50 will be built together with India 'in parity principle 50 and 50%', and can be equipped with 'Brahmos' missiles. It's first official confirmation about possibility of 'Brahmos' installation on PAK FA/FGFA fighter. However, it's not clear whether these missiles would be installed internally or externally. Anyway, it can be 1-2 missiles only due to heavy weight of 'Brahmos' supersonic missile. 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

PAK FA and PAK DA plans

More 3 prototypes of PAK FA will be built in 2010 end - 2011 years for tests intensifying, - said Sukhoi chief Pogosyan after the big meeting with Putin, where all aircraft and engine design bureaus chiefs have speeched. Details - latter, follow updates of the blog!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pogosyan: The 2nd stage engine for PK FA will be ready after 2015

Russian 'United Airbuilding Corporation' (UAC) will be the system integrator of 2nd stage engine for 5th gen fighter,- said today Mikhail Pogosyan, the Sukhoi corp chief.

According to ARMS-TASS, he also have said, that the 'United Engine-building Corporation' will merge 'Salut' corp - second prominent center of gas-turbine manufacturing and design in Russia. 'The specification of the prospective engine is decided, but the whole time of development will take 10-12 years, so this engine will not be ready in 2015 for sure'? - he said.

He also marked that there is nothing critical with the fact that the tests of PAK FA have started with 1st stage engine. 'THe plane took-off with the engine, which was projected for this fighter, 'it's very modern device, allowing long term exploitation of the plane'. The plane will start its service in RuAF with the 1st phase engine.

As regards 2nd phase engine, the terms of the program need elaboration, it will be decided during 2010 - 2011 maximum , he added. During Putin visit to 'Sukhoi' facility in Moscow Pogosyan also declared that 27 degree AoA was achieved throughout last PAK FA testing. 'When Su-27 was tested, such AoA was achieved only after some months of active testing' he added.