Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OLS-35 IRST option for Su-30 family

A contemporary fighter needs periodically upgrade to keep pace with the human technical progress. One of the most promising sensor system for this is the IRST systems, allowing detection of the enemy in air, on the ground and ocean surface. One of the most prominent developers and manufacturers of such systems in Russia is FSUE 'Science-Research Institute for Precision Instrument Engineering' (Moscow). Its traditional specialization was the laser-optical systems for space installations. The production is intended for high-precision trajectory measurements in visible and IR spectrum and laser ranging of objects, like satellite and missiles.

Other products are as follow:

-         Quantum-optic systems for trajectory measurement, photometry, satellite and missiles in fly picturing.
-         Laser retro-reflecting systems
-         Geodesic satellites
-         Inter-satellite laser communication systems
-         GLONASS satellites communication systems
-         Laser range-finders for space crafts
-         Ecologic monitoring systems
-         Atmospheric laser communication systems

The IRST (OLS) systems – are a relative new part in the Institute's activity. Despite this, it offers now two IRST systems with superb technical characteristics. One of them – OLS-UE is offered as a part of MiG-35 program, and the second – is OLS-35 installed on Su-35 fighter, 50 of which were contracted by the Russian AF. OLS-35 is also available for all Su-27/Su-30 family upgrade. It can be a part of Su-30MKI upgrading deal, which is negotiated now in Moscow (Oct.14-15) in the Indo-Russian tech-mil committee summit.

Both stations have almost analogous ability with longer range for OLS-35. They implement the follow features:

-         Airspace scanning in air-to-air mode
-         Aerial, ground and water surface target detection, locking-on and tracking
-          Ground surface scanning
-         Target image recognition
-         Target angular coordinates, range and angular and linear velocity determination
-         TV, IR and TV+IR video and message output to the cockpt multifunctional displays
-         Interaction with the aircraft targeting and guidance complex
-         Operation at a full range of altitudes, ground and sky backgrounds, day and night, in different visual meteorological conditions and jamming interference
-          Ground target illumination by laser emission
-         Autonomous functioning and radio silence mode
In addition, according to the manufacturer, OLS-35 is able for detection and tracking of a laser mark on the target.

The difference in specs of two IRSTs is as follow:
                                                       OLS-UE                            OLS-35

Scanning angular limits
Azimuth                                          +-90                                    +-90
Elevation                                        -15/+60                            -15/+60   

Airborne target detection range, km   
In rear hemisphere                               60                                       90
In front hemisphere                              15                                       35

Range measurement, km
Airborne                                             15                                       20
Ground                                               20                                       30

Instant field-of-view                        10 x 7.5                               10 x 7.5
Dimension                                 729 x 386 x 410                  740 x 807 x 608
Mass, kg                                         78                                           83


  1. to igorr

    how far ols 35 can detect amraam missile launch or any other air to air missile from its heat signature( superheated nose tip and its hot exaust)

  2. Hi Igorr,
    Loads of information on our Hon. Defence Minister visit to Russia. Look at the link

    [India and Russia have also agreed to jointly develop a heavy lift cargo helicopter and futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV).]

    There is huge Mil-Tech Cooperation going on. In fact some reporters on another website was mentioning that India-Russia cooperation vis-a-vis defense will lead to the largest military complex outside NATO. Keep a tab and post any information you get on the visits of Hon. Defense Minister, Hon. PM of India.

    Good days ahead for India-Russia. Hope it gets extended to economic sphere too.

  3. to anon October 14, 2009 11:32 PM:
    The range of IRST detection is depended of the spectrum and IR&optic emission of the object. Since the spectrum of the missile and aircraft nozzle is almost the same, only the emission (IR/optic apperture) plays role. The range is depended from the emission as a square radical of it. For example, if emission of the missile 4 times less than the plane, the range of detecton by IRST will be 2 times less, than for the plane. For a specific missile you have to look the reference books (almost absent in Internet) for range re-calculation, but 4-5 times reduced range for a medium range missile relative to a fighter flying on dry is reasonable.

  4. to anon October 15, 2009 2:25 PM:

    They reported about broad cooperation in helicopters development and building. First of all - a prospective medium-lifting helo. But I hope there will be cooperation in helo engine building as Russia has with Ukraine currently at least.

  5. to igorr

    is same ols ve FLIR is also on mig29k

  6. to anon October 18, 2009 2:43 AM:

    No, MiG-29K has a different IRST OLS-M with FLIR 35 km tail and 10 km nose fighter detection, TV channel - 10 km detection , 6 - recognition, 8 - km laser range finder. Has laser designator for ground targets too.

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