Sunday, August 29, 2010

A new universal VLS for Club/BrahMos

This are pictures of new universal VLS for Club and BrahMos missiles based on frigates:
- Russian designation 3R-14UKSK-Kh. The fire control system is including. Provided:
- supply in modular plug and play containers, 4 or 8 missiles in each container
- installation
- maintenance
- power supply system
- computing system
- networking system
- means of loading

Lada's close-up

Some close distance pictures of Pr. 677 'Lada', made by me in San-Petersburg:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kirov saga: how it was started

Since returning 3 remained Kirov class cruisers to service was declared, it would be interesting to look how it was started. This is a Soviet Navy video (from early 80th) about first Kirov class cruiser capability, recently declassified.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Project 667 Lada from inside

The internal rooms of Russian last generation non-nuclear submarine was show first time in video, at July's end, 2010. This sub is competing to be a basis for the next after Scorpene Indian submarine 'Project-75(I)'.

Drill before 'Indra-2010' Indo-Russian joint exercises in October, 2010

- In North Ossetia

Status of Brahmos program, update

Great news IMHO! The submarine version of 'Brahmos' will start testing soon from a semi-drown launch platform, said Mr. S. Pillai to ARMS-TASS on the 'Space-EXPO 2010'. Also he has confirmed at 2012 the testing of air-based version will start, and 2013 - is the planned year of MKI-based 'Brahmos' induction in IAF.

Indo-Baltic Spirit

Joint Indo-Russian naval exercises in Baltic Sea, June, 2009. Ru Navy Pr. 20380 'Steregushchy' Corvette is working together with IN F37 Fregat Beas against common enemy.