Saturday, February 27, 2010

PAK FA from technological POV

An interesting video about T-50 program was published by Russian 'Roscosmos TV'. The follow text is my translation to English:

Short acceleration – 200 m only – and the take-off is done! Other aircrafts can do this only from carriers. However, the Russian 5th gen fighter has a number of features allow it to take-off from a short horizontal airstrip. The 5th gen engine effectively provides it.
Ilia Fedorov, the Supervising Director of NPO 'Saturn', deputy general director of the Russian 'United Engine-building Corporation' (UEBC) tells about the difference of  t-50's engine: 
-         "It has different thrust, naturally different tuning control. The number of constructive differences allow better thrust with lower fuel consumption. And the most important – it has totally different system of control".

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Russian 5th generation

An interesting article of Peter Butowsky appeared in the French Air&Cosmos Magazine. I put here the original text and the translation in Russian. From interesting moments could be noted a sentence that the light 5th gen tactical aircraft variant will be developed starting from 2012.