Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Universal VLS for 'BrahMos' & 'Club' is offered

While the Indo-Russian joint venture is developing a new hypersonic version of the universal 'Brahmos' missile  some vendors have already recognized the great success of the program and offer their own input in the development. 'Morinformsystem-Agat' concern is working on the universal shipborn VLSs for 'Brahmos' and 'Club' missiles. In addition to 'Brahmos' (PJ-10) it can launch all the spectrum of 'Club' family, including hitting surface, subsurface and ground targets: 3M-54TE, 3M-14TE, 91RTE2.
The vendor informs:
Ship general-purpose firing complex (SGPFC) is intended for installation on upgraded and abuilding above-water ships equipped with missiles of attack Club-N and BrahMos complexes.

Complex provides:
- arrangement;
- daily maintenance;
- computer-assisted management;
- combat use of 3М-54E, 3М-14E, 91RTE2, BrahMos missiles.

SGPFS delivery is carried out in the form of completed tight individual cellar with fire-extinguishing system, spillway system and ventilating system together with fire control system equipment that considerably simplifies complex installation on the ship and reduces installation terms; excludes the necessity of formation of specialized cellars locations on the ship. Missiles are located in containerless or container modular under-deck launchers of vertical start (4 or 8 missiles in each module depending on variant of execution).



  1. to igorr

    except "vertical launched shtil naval SAM" which long range naval missiles are offered to foreign countries?

  2. does russia has any naval aesa radar like MFSTAR?

  3. to anon September 2, 2009 6:34 PM:

    There are only 4 at all which is available for export according to MT restriction treaty: 'Uran', 'Club', Indo-Russian 'Brahmos' and 'Yakhont' (the initial and cheap 'father' of Brahmos). 'Club' VLS is already exported (Talwar class). Now it's 'Club'+'Brahmos' with an option for 'Yakhont' too as I can understand.

    ASM 700 km Granit-VLS and 2,500 km range Granat are not exported of course.

  4. to anon September 2, 2009 6:35 PM:

    Russian radar designers are traditionally very strong in PESA technology, well ahead of other countries. So they use this reliable technology for most new naval radars. It can be conformal too if needed. Their advance against AESA - is their low cost of antenna (times!). So, upon the same budget they can do better PESA radar than with AESA. At the end the electronic scanning is what decide about the capability, not the question are there passive or active elements.

  5. use of PESA is a designers choice -we all dont have to follow western standards just becasue they use AESA - reliability and proven design is more important
    nice article igor

  6. to igorr

    i was asking "long range naval surface to air missile" except VL "naval shtil" not the club or brahmos.

  7. to anon September 3, 2009 6:40 AM

    Shil is median range BTW. LR Navalized S300 Rif-M with VLS on DDG 051C class.

  8. Very interesting. I was hoping to see something like this on Indian warships given the degree of standardisation in VLS seen in Western navies. Having one VLS for different types of SSMs(including Klub ASROC?) and another for different SAMs(Mk-41/Sylver A-40) will greatly benefit us.

    Can you tell me what the double cylindrical tubes are for?