Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Russian body armor will help Indians in the war against terror

 The Russian ARMS-TASS news agency reports, that a batch of body armor was transferred to India. The ceremony was occurred in Indian embassy. 30 sets of the body armor were given for gift in order to activize the cooperation between two countries in their war against terror. The Indian Internal Ministry Department chief Redhey Shiam Sharma expressed gratitude for Russian side. The body armor sets will be sent to Indian police forces struggling naxalites armed groups. After Dec. 2008 Medvedev's visit to India the cooperation between two countries in anti-terrorist war was become stronger. The 'Common working group against terrorism' has started its work. Then Medvedev confirm Russian readiness to help for India in its war against terror. Isn't clear, what this new cooperation includes, the bulk part of it is classified for obvious reasons. 

The manufacturer of this body armor is NII Stali design house, the developer of all Russian armored defense kits for vehicles and tanks.