Wednesday, September 23, 2009

China tries to achieve engines with enhanced capability for its FC-1 fighter

During long time the Chinese try to achieve RD-93 engines with enhanced capability, the Russian 'AviaPort's correspondent reports. They said that if Russia agrees to sell them this class engine with 9 t thrust they are ready to buy up to 1000 units in total cost of $3.75. Till now Russia didn't agree to repeating and insisting Chinese desire.  India was strongly against this deal. It was said in  Delhi that in such a case RD-93 will be comparable to RD-33MK engine which is installed on MiG-29K fighter exported for India's 'Vikramaditya' carrier, said an 'Aviaport' source.

 So Russia has agreed to export for China only a downgraded 8.3 t thrust variant. This engine is installed on the Chinese FC-1 light fighter, recently exported to Pakistan. The initial China contract with Moscow's 'Chernyshev' plant was for 100 RD-93 engine,  $238 mil, signed in 2005. First 15 engines were departed to China in late 2006.  
In April 2007 Russia has permitted the re-export of this 8.3 t RD-93 engine version to Pakistan. In November 2007 China has got an additional permission for re-export these engines to next 6 countries: Egypt, Nigeria, Bangladesh, S.Arabia and Algeria. Lebanon, Myanmar, Iran and Sri-Lanka are interested in this fighter too, but yet approved by Russians.

Although FC-1 is formally in the same class as MiG-29, its capability is inferior to MiG-29. Then these aircrafts are not comparable at all, according to an 'Aviaport's source.  

Interestingly, an Indian delegation has visited this plant some days ago and acquainted itself with the production line. The delegation was headed by the deputy MoD Mr. R.K.Singh and HAL's chief Mr. Ashok Nayak.


  1. to igorr

    what if india sells something made by russia to taiwan

  2. to anon September 23, 2009 4:53 PM:

    It's depending. If end use agreement exists, the sides have to behave according, that's all...

  3. IAF Chief publicly admits `India's aircraft strength one-third of China’. I am reproducing his comments courtesy PTI:`India's aircraft strength one-third of China’
    Gandhinagar, Sep 23 (PTI) IAF chief Air Chief Marshal P V Naik today said the country's air force was inadequate and just one-third the size of China's and therefore was going in for more acquisitions to enhance its capability.

    Naik also downplayed reports of Chinese air incursions along the Line of Actual Control(LAC). "As far as Air Force is concerned there are no incursions anywhere (across Indian border)," he said.

    "Our present aircraft strength is inadequate. We have one third of the Chinese numbers. And that is why we are going for more," Naik said echoing the just retired naval chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta's concern that the country neither has the capability nor the intention to match China force for force.

    "The government of India is doing a lot to augment air force capability," Naik told reporters at the South Western Air Command (SWAC) headquarters here.

    Source: PTI
    No wonder when will the Indian Govt gets out of sleep and finalise the MMRCA. It is China who is waging a proxy war against India with thehelp of Pakistan.

  4. to igorr

    any idea about integrated combat management console suite for gorshkov

  5. to anon September 23, 2009 5:28 PM:

    Have no info for now, sorry.

  6. to igorr

    where were A50 aircrafts ffor india are being built? and why these aircraft got delayed?

    where will IL76/78 for china will be built?

  7. to anon September 24, 2009 8:07 PM:

    1) They were built in Tashkent (Uzbekostan) from the parts come from Russia, with the new-built Russian PS-90A engines. The delay was some months in Russia (donno what exactly happened) and some months - in Israel because the US counterpart Reytheon didn't make its AESA modules on schedule.
    2) If yes - in Russia, but the agreement didnt signed yet.

  8. Rafale lands in Bangalore
    Dassault prepared to transfer all the technology to India’.Rafale will fly to Leh and Jaisalmer for trial flights

    Officials said the two French aircraft had flown non-stop to Bangalore from Dassault’s Flight Test Centre at Istres in France, thanks to the fighter’s in-flight refuelling capabilities.
    One of the most modern fourth generation fighters, the Rafale is in use with the French Air Force, and the French Navy for their carrier-based operations. Officials said the Rafale met all the air staff qualitative requirements sought by the IAF and that Dassault was prepared to transfer all the technology that was required by the Indian side. They pointed out that the Rafale had a functioning Active Electronically Scanned Array radar.
    Eagerly awaiting Mig 35 :)

  9. Why did the Indian elites never have the guts to say to american that we are not going to buy the f-18 becvause that offer was made after the free gift of those planes to paksitan?
    does indian elite not felel shame that america is openly saying that it will arm both sides of parties in the indian subcontinnet and still idnai agree s to buy rubbish old f18, f16 and trentan ships from americans? indian elite especailly imposed one like manmohan singh traitor shoudl be shot dead and brutally killed.

  10. to anon October 1, 2009 12:40 AM:

    Please, without incitement! Otherwise no opinion looks good.

  11. Igor- you said "Please, without incitement! Otherwise no opinion looks good"
    I agree and apologise but you also must be realizing the truth-bitter though-of my statemnt.

  12. to anon October 2, 2009 3:09 AM;

    You should understand I don't want to be involved in Indian internal political issues.

  13. ''It is not a question whether China will attack Russia but is when it is going to happen'', the Russians say :