Thursday, September 3, 2009

Russian tactical air-to-ground weapons. Part 2

The 'Tactical Missiles Corporation' is a manufacturer of the 'big bad boys' like Kh-59 long range air-to-ground missile and KAB-1500 guided bomb. During last couple of years a number of new lethal modifications of these weapons were offered for Russian allies. The new weapons have modular structure with changeable warheads, longer range and better defense against jamming. One example: the range of Kh-38 family is rised from 10 to 40 km against its Kh-25M\Kh-29 predecessors. It's known from other sources Kh-59MK2 can have penetrating or cassette warhead (320 and 283 kg). Kh-58UShKE has shorter folded wing for use from internal bays. It hits radars working in 1.2 - 11 GHz A, A', B, B', C diapasons, with preprogramming option for guiding. The range of Kh-58UShKE is rised from 200 to 245 km. Speed - 1200 m/s. The broad using of satellite navigation in both GPS abd GLONASS standards are implemented. This is an interview with the Director General of the Tactic Missiles Corporation Boris Obnossov in Russian English language 'National Defense' issue 1, 2009.

In addition to what mr. Obnossov said, the Tactical Missile Corporation now offers the new variant of Kh-31 family with 2 – 2.5 times longer range: Kh-31PD antiradiation missile. It's compatible with any 4th gen. Russian designed fighters, including Su-30MKI, MiG-29 and MiG-35.

Pictures of TMC production from MAKS-2009 Airshow:


  1. to igorr

    last i heard the range of kh35 anti ship missile has been increased to over 200km
    is this true?

  2. to anon September 3, 2009 8:13 AM:

    I read such an information in one Russian source too, but yet confirmed and without details. So need clearing from independent source.

  3. there should be 600kg warhead in brahmos which will give more punch than 300kg warhead