Saturday, August 29, 2009

Prospects of Russian AF

Hmmm... it could be interesting for the people abroad. An article of RuAF's commander Gen. Alexander Zelin in Russia's English language'National Defence' Journal, issue 1, 2009 with an exellent MiG-35 view on the cover. Has written about PAK FA too. The sequence of the pages are disturbed, so keep it right:


  1. to igorr

    some questions about " bars radar" air to ground and air to sea modes

    Q.1 does bars radar has air to sea modes?

    Q.2 does bars radar has "ground moving target identification and tracking mode over SAR image"?

  2. to anon August 29, 2009 5:21 PM:

    1) Bars cannot have full scale sea modes for a simple tech reason: it has only vertical polarization, which isn't optimal for a sea surfice searching. It's rectify only on Irbis with its two-axis turning of the gimbals.

    2) At its known configuration with 10 m groung max resolution Bars just cannot has ground moving target identification mode. And in reality this mode wasn't exist in booklets (2003). However, I'm sure it could be rectified and indeed has rectified on one of hardware/software upgrade. I dont see any fundamental tech reason to not have 1 m max resolution (on 10-20 km at least) and ground I&T mode for Bars.

  3. Igor

    Bars does have A2Sea mode for use with the Kh-31A. I wonder what you mean by full A2S modes. Sure, the scan is limited to +/- 40 in elevation, but its still sufficient.

    You are correct about A2G.
    Its resolution for A2G work is not 10m *10m but 3*3. Bars has 3 resolutions, high, medium and low in A2G. In A2G, its 3*3. Source for the above is Book on Flankers by Andrei Fomin. Ergo, the data available online, is limited.

    Irbis has less than 1 Mtr * 1Mtr resolution planned, as it uses next gen SAR tech (software esp) as done on the APG-80.

  4. to anon August 31, 2009 5:34 AM:

    Bars has only vertically polarized beam. It's not optimal for sea searching aniway, horizontally polarized is more effective. It was rectified on Irbis, which has an option to turning the antenna 90 grad around frontal axis for better maritime work.

  5. "Tu-160...uniqueness..wide range of mission...during a NUCLEAR WAR" :)) (are u sure its the 1 - 2009 issues?)

    "Demonstration of this quality...have been highlights of all AIRSHOW..." - shameless