Sunday, August 30, 2009

BMP's father

A 'Sunday read': an article about the chief designer of BMP-2/BMP-3.


  1. to igor

    regarding zhuk me radar does it has air to sea modes? for mig29k

    and about the "sea dragon suite" installed on il38 for indian navy which had issues with this suite so please throw some light on the capability of this system for air to sea modes like SAR,ISAR mapping,doppler beam sharpening

  2. also post some pics of sea dragon suite if available


  3. to anon August 30, 2009 8:00 AM:

    Zhuk-ME was optimized for sea searching from the starting and it has horizontal polarization of the wave. As to BARS modernization, the NIIP chief said allready some year aro ('Take-Off' RUssian journal), that Indians asked NIIP for AESA installation on BARS instead of PESA. The deel was no finalized then, but at avarage it's clear for him that the 1st stage must be only electronnic hardware/software upgrade , while the 2nd stage - will be Bars-AESA indeed.

    About 'Sea Dragon' I'll try to find some specs...