Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MAKS-2009 Airshow

My original photos and videos from MAKS-2009 Airshow, Zhukovsky, Russia.
- Galery 1
- Galery 2

 - Club missiles for fighter aircrafts
- MiG-35 is going to fly
- MiG-29K technical training simulator


  1. to igor

    there supposed to be 10 hardpoints on each wing of mig35 while till now there are only 4 of them

    and there was a anti submarine aircraft IL 114 was there can you throw some light on this aircraft


  2. 10 hardpoints on each wing of mig35, i mean 5 hardpoints on each wing

  3. to anon August 26, 2009 5:00 AM:

    Indeed, the current airframe demonstrated has only 9 hardpoints. Serial MiG-35 will have 2 additional on the wing flaps - 11 hardpoints.

  4. to igor

    the peak power of aesa t/r module in ZHUK AE as said by chief designer 5W can be average output power but not the maximum output power

    when looking at peak power of ZHUK AE radar which is 6KW so according to this the maximum output power comes out to be 10W per aesa t/r module

  5. maximum output power comes out to be about 9W per t/r module

  6. to anon August 26, 2009 9:30 AM:

    Probably yes. However we must to compare aples with aples when comparing with other AESAs. The problem is: nobody with except of Russians is ready to disclose their real capabilities.