Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saras-Duet saga is resolved for good

As the Russian Interfax-AVN news agency reported in Sept. 8 the light 14-passengers aircraft Saras will follow the modernization according to Myasishchev's specialists recommendations. 'Till today the part of the work was already done. Particularly the expertize of what already done by the Indian specialists was conducted. The package of propositions for modernization was formulated' - said the source in Russian military-industrial complex. 'The second stage of the work is planned to start in Oct. 2010 and finish during the year, although elongation of this schedule is not excluded' - he considers: 'It will be more specific work on finishing, including ground tests. Not much changes in design is expected, but the questions about the safeness and controllability are remained, i.e. the problems which were not resolved by Indians'.

He pointed out that Saras-1 airframe will be modernized, since Saras-2 was crashed. However, in parallel the building of Saras-3 will start.

Saras was developed in India on the base of Myasishchev's M-102 'Duet' project, but during the development of Indian version the Indian specialists confronted some problems, the source confirmed. Saras has two PT6A-66 engines 850 h.p. each. Its maximal take-of weigh is 6100 kg. According to some reports, Indian AF intent to buy up to 45 these aircrafts, while Indian Navy - 15 planes minimum. Saras will change the vanila planes  An-2, de Havilland Twin Otter and others.

Take-off mas (kg) 5700-6100 depending of engine
Payload                1300
Manufacturing:      India, Russia
Purpose:               Passenger, Administrative, Business Jet
Pass                     14 persons
Range (km)           2000
Cruise Speed        550 (km/h)
Max Speed           650   
Wings, м              14.70
Lenght, м             14.95
Height, м              5.25  
Altitude                9000
 Crew                  2

BTW, on an Ukrainian Internet marketing site an offer for selling Saras plane with two Russian engines TVD-20M  2x 1375 h.p.  has appeared. Disregarding  how serious such offer can look just now, this fact itself certainly confirms the existence of great interest for this plane in the post-soviet countries. So, let's wait and see...


  1. Quite a difference in performance from the two engines mentioned... 850hp and 1350hp.
    Is the Russian engine more powerful for taking off from shorter rougher airstrips?
    Or was it just a case of that was the closest match in the available power range?

  2. To GarryB:

    - It's a question of right choice, not exactly a question of quality. PT6A-66 serial is not a 5th gen engine but more an old proven serial of engines with 500 - 2000 hp depending of model. If they choose 850 hp model, so the question is about their choice. Naturally this model is lighter, that 1350 (indeed even 1400) TVD-20M 240 kg.

  3. Hello Igor,
    Any idea on the progress/pictures of Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier?

  4. Igor , Is Russia Interested in purchasing the Saras after development work is completed ?

    Can you do a detailed write up on new civil program in Russia namely Tu-204SM, Superjet 100 and MS-21 ?

  5. great so the idiots at NAL can't even make a small simple plane like the Saras without outside assistance.

    These are the same idiots who are confidently suggesting that we put turbofan engines on RTA-70 airframe,straight wings and all.

    I think we should close down NAL once and for all and let HAL tie up with foreign companies on its own like it did/is doing in the case of helicopters,FGFA,MTA etc etc

    I think given the commonality between MTA and MC-21 India should definitely explore the possibility of licence producing MS-21 with Russian technical assistance.

    We have a massive market for that kind of jet in India estimated at least 1500-2000 airframes in the 2010-2030 time frame and I for one would like most of them to be built on Indian territory.

    Sure beats making doors for Airbus.

  6. It's ON !
    The deal is finally agreed about Mistrals!

    Russia and France clinch Mistral deal

    Russia and France have clinched the details of a deal on the purchase of Mistral helicopter carriers. A high-ranking official in the Russian Navy’s general staff has indicated the two sides have finalized the terms of the future contract.

    Moscow is buying four helicopter carriers from France.Two of the ships will be purchased directly from the manufacturer and two will be built in Russia.

  7. Igor,
    We are eagerly awaiting your news reg FGFA and your Defence Minister's visit to India.
    Sir, wake up:)

  8. ^^^ FGFA is a big topic these days in Indian media, even more than MMRCA, so called mother of defence deals.


  9. Word on BULAVA tests perhaps Igor?

  10. Sorry my fellow Indians
    You should blame first at home. You must know our intelligent young engineers looking for bread abroad, while family members of influential in the county are filling those gap of engineer posts, via back door appointments. Our laboratories are more a jobs givers than a practical technic institutions, eating our government funds like parasites, those handicapped so called old so called engineers are in our labs. Our smart young engineers works in developed countries. So how do we indigenous ourselve? For an indian indigenious means imported. Can this bullshit change?