Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yak-130. The status of program.

In answer to a question. Yak-130 - is a program of high-subsonic trainer and light ground attack plane. Has started in 90th independently and became the first non-soviet military plane program. Further they have cooperated with Italian 'Aermacchi' while 'Yakovlev' intellectual property rights was merged with 'Aermacchi' financing. Then the problem for Italians was that they needed urgently a subsonic trainer which could fly with controllability on 40 degree angle of attack for 4th-5th gen fighter simulating. No early generation jet trainers can do it. After some years of joint venture they splitted and followed their (successful) project independently (M-346 trainer).

The first Yak-130D variant was purely trainer, without even radar being put in nose cone (specifically shaped). Two Slovakian made DV-2S x2200 kgf engines (soviet licensing AI-25TL derivative) were used. In 2002 the Russian Air Forces asked for a combat-trainer variant with a radar (in addition for currently tested trainer). Thus the Ukraine-made AI-222-25 engine with 2516 kgf without afterburner was chosen for both. It allowed to rise the max mass from 8500 to 9000 kg. The newborn 'Saturn's Al-55 is remained a reliable reservoir engine for the program in case if the cooperation with Ukraine is broken down.

Yak-130D Specs:

Lenght , m                           11.9
Span, m                               10.64
Height, m                              4.7
Mass, kg
max                                      8500
normal                                  6000
payload                                3000
hardpoints                             9
Fuel, kg          
max                                       2200
normal                                  1600
Speed max, km/h                  1050
Ferry range, km                    2000
Time of fly max, h                    3
Acceleration, G                     +8/-3
Max stable acceleration, G      5
Taking of speed, km/h           200
Landing speed                       195
Running start , m                    380
Landing run, m                        670

Being soft-skinned (unlike Su-25), the combat variant is planned to be used only with a UAV/UCAV escort/combination. Yak130 technology is the basis for the prospective 'Irkut' (which 'Yakovlev' design house became a part) UCAV program. However, the level of planned commonality with Yak-130 will be not very high: as 40%. Other details are unknown due to classified character of most Russian UCAV programs. Would be assumed that after United Aircraft-building Corporation has merged the most of Russian aircraft building actives, they will merge the different big UCAV programs (MiG, Irkut, Tupolev) into one on the common technology basis.

Current status:

2007 - the trainer variant was over all tests and has been adopted for Air Forces, 62 units were contracted on 'flexible' contract with Russian VVS. The serial production is started on 'Sokol' plant (Nizhni Novgorod). Few units were made, exploitation data in RuAF is unknown. According to reliable sources the number of serial machines are following tests before entering service. The first was transferred for RuAF in summer. 09 (an officially report).

Algerian contract, 16 units, trainer variant. 2-4 planes are allready made in Irkut (Irkutsk), first two have flied in July, 09, those are planned be transferred to Algeria in 2010 after completing the regular tests.

Libyan contract. 6 units were contracted according to some sources. Probably in trainer configuration. Will be made in Irkutsk.

Pre-contract negotiation with 'RosoboronExport' about totally 150 units with LA, ME, SE Asian and African countries ('National Defence' magazine, Aug, 09 and 'RosoboronExport' official reports). According to 'Irkut's representatives  they are Indonesia, Vietnam, SArabia, Syria and Yemen.

Indian tender. 'RosoboronExport' has received the Indian request of proposition for a trainer. The Indian side is ready to look for both Yak-130 and MiG-AT options.

Malaysian tender. In Dec, 2009 was reported about participation in Malaysian tender for trainers, the competitors of Yak-130 will be the Britain 'Hawks' and 'Aermacchi' M-346

Photo: Yak-130 for Algeria (Irkut, summer 2009, MAKS-2009)


  1. Hi Igorr,

    Is DRDO is designing any AJT for us?

  2. to Rudra:

    Cooperation on the issue is very possible if Indian side wants so. Look, please: "Yakovlev' has helped for Italians and Chinese for trainer design. Helping to India without doubts it would do with much more pleasure.

  3. Okay thanks :)

    I was not aware about the existence of AI-55 engines...

  4. igor
    is INDIA involved with russia to build the new stealth bomber (pak-da)
    as there of reports some years ago that abdul kalam then president of india visited the production site and recently indian air chief also talked about long range bomber
    do you have any insight?

  5. to anon December 24, 2009 4:37 PM:
    1q - no information
    2q - too