Thursday, December 24, 2009

India and Russia is negotiating space programs

India wants to use the Russian experience in spacecrafts building  to accelerate its own progress in space technology. The negotiations about this are in initial stage however, informed Russian new agency ARMS-TASS. According to a 'RosCosmos' source, was added, the basis for the Russian-Indian joint project will be 'Soyuz' spacecraft, but the dimensions and the weight will be reduced somehow to fit Indian missile capability. The  negotiated plan proceeds till 2020. In addition the Russian spacecrafts design house 'Energia' president said the possibility of Indian astronauts space missions on Russian-made 'Soyuz' spacecrafts is under negotiation too.


  1. igor
    is there a project named MIG X to produce any reconnaissance or interceptor in mig?

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