Thursday, December 10, 2009

T-90ME was demonstrated first time

The export version of modernized T-90M tank was demonstrated for Russian PM Putin today in 'UVZ plant (N-Tagil). The tank has a new, bigger turrets,
- 'Relict' ERA on the turret (but not on the hull),
- a new panoramic commander sight with 360 degree vision,
- new commander hatch with better accessability
- different placement of the air conditioner
- new tracks
-  stronger rolls and some improvement in the chassis
- possibly 1200 hp engine


  1. IGOR
    is this T-90M same T-90M that india is manufacturing ?
    what is the difference between this new T-90M and the T-90M that india is manufacturing ?

    thank you...............

  2. India is manufacturing T-90S, with the turret and most system parallel to T-90A of the Russian Army. T-90M - is next modernisation with bigger turret and some differences in subsystems, but not produced yet in Russia. Now seems the first castomer of the export variant of T-90M will be foreign. I'm not sure if it'll be India or another countries however, but could be India as well according to the common sense.

  3. Igorr, a bit off-topic. Do you have information on T-80U upgrades in the Russian Army? apparently some are receiving a deep overhaul with thermal sight, better turbine (device 29 standard with 1250 hp)

  4. to anon December 10, 2009 8:03 PM

    Indeed the overhaul of T-80U park was started (confirmed at 2008 by pics from Omsk) but the volume of changes isnt known for me. The resource of GTD-1000F and GTD-1250 is much longer (up to 5 times) than tank diesels have, so the power plant change - is a secondary problem. Also they have many brand new GTD-1250's in spare remained from the soviet time. If I remember right the planned rate of upgrade was very slow initially: as 15 units in 2008 when started. So I expect not more than 30-45 units this year.

  5. Igor
    at the time of A.K.ANTHONY's visit to russia there was a report of 200 joint venture between india and russia.
    can you tell us what are those joint ventures?

  6. Igor
    india and russia have always been good friend
    but i cannot understand why russia is ditching india like in
    1.t-90 technology transfer technology transfer
    3.vikramaditya saga
    4.talwar class price hike
    5.mi-17 price hike
    6.bramhos price hike in parts in joint venture
    7.pak-fa not fond in technology sharing(in j.v)
    8.delays in almost all of the projects and upgrades

    we do not expect such cheap mentalities from a friend who was a friend in need
    why is russia doing all this stuff it is poisoning the sweet relation that we all cherish

  7. India has to face the fact that:
    1. T-90 can hold valuable info. Look what Ukraine did with the SU-27? Selling it to US and let US know. India may be friends but India also has her own objective. Cannot trust her fully
    2. SU-30 tech transfer does exist. How else is India building SU-30's? Heck, T-90S tech transfer also exists since they are building them in India as well.
    3. Gorshkov was an underestimated project. You cannot judge it on a system that both sides failed to fully validate its current situation.
    4. Talwar class price hike? Source to this? If it is in comparrison to older models, then there is a reason, new technologies and refitting it with newer weapon systems.
    5. Mi-17 Price hike? New technologies. Unless you want old moddels, don't expect to pay half price for something new.
    6. You seem to keep saying price hike. Why? I have looked on google and cant find anything relating to that. Only changes in technology.
    7. Because PAK FA is not joint venture with India, FGFA is. That will be the SU-30MKI of PAK FA, and India won't get Russia's PAK FA info because it isn't their plane.
    8. What delays? Talwar class is coming in full production with no delays, and T-90's while SU-30MKI's and Mig 29K's are all coming in appropriate days. I don't know where you get your info.

  8. Hello !
    Any infos about the status of the Algerian T-90SA deal ? some source say 180 units other 300.

    I think the possible "export" country for the new T-90ME can be the Lybia...

  9. to anon December 11, 2009 3:23 PM
    200 joint ventures - I think it's about all issues, where Russian specialists are involved with the Indians or planned to be involved in near future. I dont think it's about formally set commerciall joint ventures.


    The volume of T-90SA, in fact supplied to Algeria is 180 units for sure. 300 units - is a number of supported + the open option.

  11. Hello again Igorr

    Would it be possible to upload those overhauled T-80U photos in your blog or bharat-rakshak? I would love to see them!



  12. to Alejandro:

  13. igor
    on a different topic how advanced is the avionics,other targeting system and jammer of Ka-52 "Alligator" which is competing against APACHE in the indian tender of attack helicopter ?
    why is russia not offering the tandem seat Ka-50-2 Erdogan build with israel as indians are fond of israeli avionics?

    how do you compare the ALLIGATOR and the APACHE?
    THANK YOU ............

  14. IGOR
    me again
    isn't it bad to reduced cockpit armor in ka-52 alligator?(by wiki )
    isn't The integrated 30 mm cannon is semi-rigidly fixed on the helicopter's side, movable only slightly in elevation and azimuth can cause problem in the combat radius with the cannon as the helicopter has to move itself to position the cannon as it is a side mounted cannon
    BUT in mi-28 we see the front mounted cannon which helps to move without changing the helicopter's position why front mounted cannon like mi-28 not used in ALLIGATOR ?

  15. to anon December 14, 2009 3:54 PM :

    The most important for this coice - unlike Erdogan, Ka-52 is a mature product, it's in the serial production for Russian special forces Command. The tandem variant would need a lot of tests and total rework of the radar.

    As to comparizon with other different strike helos Ka-52 has its specific feature that allows to use a more powerful radar but not allow this radar to be placed on the rotor. It gives for Ka-52 some advance against Apache if hiding after wood/hills is not needed . In high altitude Ka-52 due to its contra-rotoring blades has some good features like steadiness against side wind.

    As to the GSh-30 placement it's near the center of mass, so has much less problem with rebound. On Mi-28N the rebound makes the fire sgnificantly less accurate. Some say however 30 mm is an overkill for a hello, offer 20 is enough, but I dont buy it. In addition, the problem with Mi-28N : it has no mature radar for now. The radar is still on the testing and not in serial production.

  16. igor
    what is the radar in offer with the ALLIGATOR
    and what about the low cockpit armor in ALLIGATOR isn't it a problem in case of hostile fire of crew survival?

  17. to anon December 14, 2009 10:23 PM

    Ka-52 has Arbalet with a decent size of antenna. The armor is standard for this class (Apache, Tiger) and protects the pilots against 7.62 mm and splits. Of course it's inferior if comparing with Mi-28N, which can withstand 12,7 mm and some sources say even about 20mm regular rounds protection from some directions.

  18. Hello igor, can you write us a short article about the actual status of the Yak-130 soon ??

    *The Ukrainians are still active or leaving the project ?

    *The actual situation for the Russian VVS and Algeria AF requests...

    *And the future devloppements (UCAV, attack and ECM versions)...
    Thanks :)

  19. why India with present system and leadership cannot be trusted by Russia.

    despite what Putin gave to India the indian leadership under unllected traitor pm manmohan singh is still hesitating-that is why Russia shoudl be wary of India.manmohan singh msut be brutally killed.

    Russia offers N-fuel fabrication, uranium JV, India reluctant
    With the Indo-US reprocessing pact in its last lap and the Prime Minister readying to travel to Washington DC to attend US President Barack Obama’s nuclear summit, Delhi perhaps felt the time was not ripe to publicise nuclear cooperation with the Russians.

    In fact, at the Putin visit, agreements on the fifth-generation fighter aircraft, the multi-role transport aircraft also did not see the light of day. And when Russia offered that Glonass, the Russian global positioning system, be extended to military signals for Indian use, Delhi demurred. That deal was not signed either, although the Indian side promised to do so later.

  20. The T-90M is in use with the Russian army already,oh yeah and why do Russians most often fit their tanks with CRT/Cathode screens inside, and is that changed on the T-90M?

  21. Because CRT/Cathode ray tubes get damaged when you fit them on the outside of a tank.

  22. to anon May 18, 2011 11:04 PM

    surely not because fluid crystal screens are not made in Russia. But Russian Army requests are always very conservative, i should say too conservative. if some thing slightly more costly or less reliable they refuse it, always prefer 'old and proved'. The internal appearance of T-90M is not accomplished, so can be anything.

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