Tuesday, November 17, 2009

'Teg' and 'Chakra' are almost ready

As 'Arms-TASS' reports, the launching ceremony in Kaliningrad for 4th 'Trishul'-class FFG for India will be Nov. 27. The next two, 'Tarkash' and 'Trikand', are under construction. The Indian delegation will take participation in the ceremony. Also the Russian officials have confirmed 'Nerpa' tests were finished in September and the submarine will over to Russian Navy soon according to the schedule in December 2009. Starting from April 2010  the transfer of the sub to India is expected RIAN reports today.

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  1. to igorr

    as you said that rvv md will have 2 colour seeker
    can you explain the working of two colour ir seeker

    is there any plan to upgrade R27T missile seeker.

    and which companies productionize rvv ae,r73