Sunday, November 1, 2009

Russian AAMs. Part 2.

RVV-MD – is a new Russian short-range AAM. The abbreviation means in Russian literally 'a missile air-to-air of  the short range'. It was presented first time this summer in MAKS-2009 Air Show in Zhukovsky, near Moscow. It's intended for high-maneuverable combat and can hit both fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircrafts from any direction at day or night and despite heavy jamming. Its maximal range is 40 km (R-73E has 30 km). IR sensor is 2-color, +-60 deg angle of seeking (R-73E has  +-45 deg) . The maneuver control is aero- and gas-dynamical. The maximal AoA of this missiles is significantly higher than of R-73E.   It can hit targets maneuvering with 12 G. Besides MiG-29/35 and Su-27/30/35 families the missile can   equip Su-25 , Yak-130, helos and  other different planes.

RVV-SD - is a new Russian medium-range AAM. The abbreviation means in Russian literally 'a missile air-to-air of the medium range'. Like RVV-MD, it was presented first time this summer in MAKS-2009 Air Show in Zhukovsky, near Moscow. It's intended for destroying all types of aircrafts, helos and cruise missiles. Maximal range – 110 km (RVV-AE - 80 km), minimal – 0.3 km. Target altitude 0.02 – 25 km. Fuse – laser and contact. Warhead – multi-cumulative rods, 22.5 kg. Mass – 190 kg. Length – 3.71 m. Diameter – 0.2 m. Wingspan – 0.42 m.   Maximal target maneuvering – 12G. Can hit the planes and helos from any direction. The guiding system is inertial on the middle course with radio-correction and an active radar seeker before hit. The missile is built on the fire-and-forget principal and simultaneously attacking mode. MiG and Sukhoi fighters can be equipped with this missile.  The missile is more jamming-proof than RVV-AE.

R-27EP1 – is a new R-27 variant, displayed on MAKS-2009 too. It has a more energetic engine and a passive radar. Maximal Range at the front hemisphere - 110 km (R-27P1 - 72 km). Target altitude - 0.02 - 20 km. Warhead weight - 39 kg. Weight - 346 kg (R-27P1 - 248 kg). Lenght - 4.75 m, Diameter - 0.23 m. 


  1. to igorr

    any news about 9B 1032 passive anti radiation seeker for R27EP?

  2. to anon:

    What exactly you want to know about it?

  3. to igorr

    how does this seeker look like and what are its dimensions and lock on ranges

  4. to anon November 2, 2009 2:57 PM:

    The seeker is not different technologically from (new too) Kh-31PD and Kh-38UShKE passive seekers since it's the same developer. The difference - R-27EP1 has no inertial gyro system. So, the range of the missile and lock on range - both must to be 110 km from frontal hemisphere (for fighter with radar). However, for targets like AWACS it could be different, but is not important since the propulsion is limited by 110 km only.

    The seeker is a broad band, working in 1.2 - 11 GHz . So, the fighters with AESA radars cannot be immune.

  5. thanks a lot igorr

    but R27 has 230mm dia and seeker for kh31p has 280mm diameter

    so i guess same seeker with reduced diameter is used in R27

  6. HI Igorr,

    Thanks for your info.
    How our Astra going on? there is news for captive trails. But, in news they specified that we are still using the Russian seeker and launcher. How our development of our own seeker and launcher?

  7. Hi Igorr

    As usual pretty neat compilation. Btw can you verify what seeker does RVV-SD/AE use ?

    9B-1103M(150mm) or 98-1103M(200mm) ?

    Given that R-77 is 200mm across its diameter I suspect it might be the 150mm one, but I would wait for your take on this.

  8. to powerslave:

    According to AGAT's chief engineer (Aerospace review, 4.2009) the 150 mm caliber variant is intended for the short range missiles instead of IR for raising their all-weather capability. RVV-SD has a 200 mm seeker for sure.