Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Armor's Prospects

Russian tankers are facing the future with optimism. "Armor - is an effective means of proactive, decisive and dynamic ground operations on both the conventional and nuclear battlefields", - says Lieutenant-General Nikolay Yershov, Chief of Main Automotive and Armour Directorate ('Army & Navy Review', 5, 2008. English).


  1. igorr

    can you post more about sura k HMS

    and whether the R73 missile has infra red imaging sensor or different one

  2. hello igorr

    did you fid any info on my question,awaiting to know the answer but no hurry

  3. R-73 has passive IR seeker but with initial guidance from the carrier (plane).

    About 'Sura' http://pics.ukrspetsexport.com/goalfiles/42-2.pdf

  4. hello Igor,
    any chance to have article on T-95.
    Is it true that is due to come out in 2010?
    and also is it true that Russia had offered cooperation on T-95 to India which India
    had refused?

    thanks in advance.
    BTW GREAT blog!

  5. The designation T-95 is very conventional, taken from media rumors. Indeed the program of the prospective tank remains to be classified as like as the official designation. I heard just the opposite: India has offered to joint prospective armor programs of two countries but Russians still hesitate. At least the terms of a possible joint venture are far from to be finalized.
    s igned.

  6. thanks on your answer Igor!
    well I can't compare with you I just
    like to read about those things and it is
    so difficult to get reliabile info with all Russian secrecy and plenty people on Internet running wild in speculation...So what are the chances for us to see
    new Russian tank in near future in your oppinion?
    thanks in advance!

  7. If crossing the last couple of years information from tens of independent sources, chance of prospective tank appearance on totally new basis is not high. What happens now is intensive trials in Kubinka of a number different prospective prototypes with different level of innovation. As I can understand for now the Army is not satisfied with the most advanced tech solutions and a 'revolutionary' design, proposed by UVZ. Dont ask why. So they try to involve different Omsk-designed turret and remain with an improved chassis not far from T-90's. At least two alternative diesels are tried, one from Chelyabinsk and one - from Barnaul (on UTD-29 basis). They're most probably inclined to reject caliber raising and remain with 125 mm but the new auto-loader will allow using longer rods. THe higher accuracy of MG will be adjusted as well. It can be on service 2010-2011 and could have a name of a deep T-90 upgrade, let's say 'T-90 MK2' or 'T-90M'.

    However, the program of a really 'future MBT' is remained actual. They're possibly waiting for agreement with India before finalize the design.

  8. WOW that's more detailed than I expected,
    Personally I would be happy if Russia would find
    common interest to cooperate on "future MBT" with India and repeat success of Brahmos
    (and Pak Fa hopefully)
    So all this stories about some new "top secret" Russian tank with 152mm caliber is just fruit of imagination...

    One question only - what is it most urgent to be
    upgraded ( weak spot, if any )in present T-90S
    in your opinion?
    Is there any hidden reason why Russian army is not buying more T-90's(apart of not having much money) do they wait for important upgrade or new tank altogether? And if they intend to stay with not so many T-90's - in that case isn't that false talk to call T-90 as "backbone" of future Russian armored forces as Russian military tend often to say?!

  9. to anon November 15, 2009 5:12 PM:

    1) the 152 mm tank smoothbore gun was developed (the pics exist on T-80), but it would need a new line of munition, less rounds in storage. then seemingly moved to future.
    2) T-90 production rate is as 60 a year in 2008. this year it could be more, since the accelerated modernisation of Army in North-Caucasian region was started because NATO involvement in Georgia and Ukrainian instability. But became classified due to sensitivity of the issue.

  10. thanks for answer Igor!
    production of T-90's sure is "clasified" be cause I haven't seen any orders of Russian army for the tanks published in news but they anounce it always for the planes and choppers..?!?
    I've read that tanks for the Russian army are more expensive now than those for export be cause they have soled so many for export.
    What are the possibilities to sell them to Saudi Arabia?
    Thanks in advance!

  11. The existence of T-90 on the field is a clear indication of the offensive posture, thus they are cautious about disclosing the exactly T-90 number and dislocation.

    Yes RuArmy is not satisfied with the fact that UVZ is occupied to fulfill the export orders, but nothing they can do with this. There are at least three orders for UVZ for now from India (330 units), Libia (48+) , Algeria (180, partly done) and Marocco (number unknown). Abrams, Leo-2, Chally-2 production lines are frozen but T-90 manufacturing is only grows...

  12. I just have "bumped" into RIA News article intitled;
    "Russian military denyes existance of new 'super-tank'"

    about new Russian tank and say among other things that "will most likely have designation T-95" even go into the details about 152mm caliber and its 6000-7000m range guided missiles range plus on top of it they ad "50-65kph
    speed increase"?!?
    So if you say that there will be no such tank in production what are the RIA's intrests to spread such rumors and erode their credibility?
    Are they just confusing new tank with "deep upgrades" on T-90 you have mentioned earlier?
    Thanks in advance for your answer Igor!

  13. to anon:

    I dont say the future generation tank (T-95) doesnt exist. It seemingly exists even is number of variants. I claim, we most probably will see first some T-90 deep upgrade before really futuristic MBT , T-95 or other designation, will take the ground on service. May be they really want to wait till the requests for FMBT specs will be frozen together with partners ( probably Indians).