Friday, October 28, 2011

T-90MS again...

New video from UVZ/Gur-khan source:


  1. I realise this is the T-90SM export version and we probably wont see the domestic T-90AM for a while as it is not cheap and might not enter service till the Armata starts production.
    The T-90AM might be cheaper compared with the Armata turret so they might start producing T-90AMs with Armata chassis together with Armata tanks to keep the costs down.
    But is there any word on new upgraded APS systems like ARENA 2 and DRODZ 3?
    Or are there completely new APS types in development?
    The concept of layered protection is normal all across the military, so while each layer might not be effective its presence adds coverage and supports other layers that might be more effective till they improve.
    For instance for a while ERA was only of any use against HEAT warheads, but the number of HEAT warheads that are a threat out there is so high and ERA is relatively cheap and light it was well worth adding.
    Now it is even more effective as it has an effect agaisnt both HEAT and Kinetic rounds.
    ARENA and DRODZ 2 were only effective against HEAT rounds and their coverage was not 360 degree, but they were better than nothing and not that heavy.
    Improved versions with better coverage including diving top attack threats and Kinetic payloads would be very valuable especially to medium brigade vehicles that cant afford heavy armour and require mobility.

  2. Igor,

    Was reading your article on the Bhagvad Gita controversy in Live Journal . Could not post a comment there so am posting it here .

    Truth is a court in Tomsk ( Siberia) cannot ban the book across Russia. These news are being planted in the Indian media by Western Govts. These are the same Govts who are against Russian nuclear plants coming up in India and are funding local NGOs to carry out protests. They are against Indo Russian friendship . That`s why they planted this news just when the Prime Minister has concluded his Russia visit.

  3. manmohan singh is a british americana gent who was isntalled as fiance misnter and then as pm without ever being elelcted as municipal councillor let alone as memebr of parliament.
    never trust present indian leadership which is t-rotten to the core and agents of wesatern itnersts out to sell idnia cheap to wetsaersn

  4. Hi Igor,

    Haven't heard from you for a long time . I hope you are doing good . As always waiting eagerly to read more new topics in your blog .



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