Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Russian admiral dispelled the uncertainty

Vladimir Vysotsky the commander of Russian Navy said about Nerpa deal prospects.

Q: There are on Pacific Fleet the Indian crew of Nerpa trains, the last is prepared for transfer to India. How successful this work, and when she will be transferred?  

A: The submarine will be transferred to Indian Navy this year. The Indian crew has completed its training.  No big problem with the transfer exists. Now the last preparing for final tests before the transfer happens.


  1. igor
    what type of customization is done to amur 1650 as an offer to the indian project 75i
    as it is known the latest lada class sub inducted in Ru navy does not have a VLS launch capabality and a AIP.
    India wants big sub for its project 75i which can launch missile and AIP
    russian are offering their amur 1650 but if it gets AIP and VLS its tonnage and length will increase thus severely reducing its endurance and speed
    what is your opinion on this?

  2. igor
    Rubin Design Bureau had teamed up with Navantia to offer variants of the Amur-1650 dubbed the 'S1000' in the indian project 75i
    what are changes made to Amur-1650 to make it 'S1000' in this project?

  3. igor
    can you confirm the news of mi-28n using western avionics and weapon system to compete for the indian attack helicopter tender

  4. to anon:

    S1000 is offered with undefined Italian AIP and i'm sure some Italian gadgets. VLS were previousely offered with Amur-950 which is significantly more little than Amur-1650, so I guess they will not take to much space.

    Mi-28NE - is an export version designed for contries like India with especially concern about this tender. It's based on western avionics, Russian radar and weapon with open architecture allowed to add western weapons too.

  5. In a recent magazine the makers of the Zhuk AESA for the Mig-35 said they were making progress on the radar and were working on a reduced size model for attack helicopters.
    They mentioned the naval Ka-52 as a good platform because of the size of its nose one suspects which would be useful for fitting such a radar.

    At the moment the issue is weight of the antenna which they say they want to reduce to around 80kgs for use in helos.