Saturday, February 5, 2011

technical post

Considering my long absence would be good to explain: the only cause for this is my extensive work and other important commitments lead to lack of free time. I have no intention to close this blog or change its specialisation.  Although the site works distressingly slow on my comp, significantly prolonging each posting, may be a new notebook will solve this problem. My regards to all those, who read my blog despite last 'glitches' and delays with answers. You are all my true friends)


  1. Nice to see you back

  2. Your posts are always a treat to read.
    Hoping for many more informative posts,
    Friend from India.

  3. to igorr

    internet speed must be slow in the area where u live, computers are hardly problem but main thing is the internet speed

  4. Hi Igor,

    I heard the Mig 35 wont be participating in the upcoming Aero India is it true??
    Can you please highlight any significant displays from Russia in the event?

    And btw, Chakra was supposed to come here in march, is it coming then or are there any delays expected???

  5. Hi Igor,
    Very happy to hear from you.
    Very much appreciate this blog and I am glad to hear it is continuing.
    One person suggested I take over the blog but that is... without being disrespectful to the person who suggested it (very flattering)... not sensible as I hear and read a few things around the place and speculate a lot but you have much better sources and contacts... I can't even read Russian.
    Hope you are on top of your work and also that you managed to get some time for yourself and your family over the Christmas and New Year period.
    Very much appreciate what you can do.

    BTW I think it is official that Mig will not display the Mig-35 at Aero India, which suggests they must be working very hard to get it ready for the competition and can't spare a week or so. Obviously they would prefer to have a display, but clearly they need the extra time to get the job done.

  6. Hi Igor,

    I'm glad that you are back. We like your posts even if they are short or rare. Because what you post is very specific & leaves a better sense than any else. Still hope to see more from you in coming days.

    Have a nice day!


  7. about absence of MiG-35 at AI show, if it's really occures, cannot have big significance or a 'hidden concern'. MiG-35 is known enough good for Indians, so there is no big deal if they make a budget decision to not send it to AI-11. UAC was in some over-spending attitude last time, so even Fedorov 'paid' for this by his office in favor of Pogosyan (last week).

  8. Also glad to have you back and look forward to future informative posts.