Friday, February 11, 2011

MiG-29UPG detailes

The characteristics of Indian MiG-29 upgrade was confirmed by TsAMTO analytic center in Russia.
Engines RD-33 ser 3 with BARK-88 FADEC and KSU-941UB removed control system.
Radar Zhuk-ME
Sh-3UM-1 Helmet Mounted Integrated Targeting system
Displays’ number - 4
K-36D-3.5 – ejecting chair
BTsVM-90/BTsVM-486-2 – onboard computer
BKTsO Digital signal processor
L-150NU – passive guiding missiles station
A new EW station (not elaborated)
SVR video recording system, KARAT-B whole recording system
BINS-SP navigation system with GPS
A-053 radio-altmeter
MS-2 voice warning system

The weapon: RVV-AE, R-73E, R-27R1/R-27T1, R-27ER1/R-27ET1, Kh-29T/L, Kh-31A/P, Kh-35, KAB-500KR/OD/L, unguided bombs 50-500 kg, S-24B, S-8 unguided rockets.
1500 and 1900 liters dropped fuel tanks
The contract for 63 Indian MiG-29 modernization was signed 2008, March 7 for $964 mil.
Some third part partners are involved in the contract, like Thales with NSM cryptographic system and CIT identification systems (the contract was signed in 2010, March).
Meanwhile, the Russian government committee of mil-tech cooperation vice-president Dzirkaln said Russia won 75% of Indian (finished) tenders during last 3 years.

The first fly of MiG-29UPG was occured February 4, 2011 in LII Gromov center, Moscow region. 


  1. to igorr

    few questions

    1. rd33 3 series smoke free,is its BARK-88 also monitor engine health?

    2. how many MFDs are there 2,3,4

    3.why there is Sh - 3UM? why not from france?
    and what are specifications of this?

    4. specifications for FLIR KOLS

  2. 5. is there in flight refuelling probe?

  3. 6. what happened to remaining 12 single seater mig29k,are they being built or not?

  4. Question 2: "Displays’ number - 4"
    ...likely 2-3 large MFD and 1-2 small display for weapons or fuel management etc.

    Question3: Likely cost, the Russian model is simple and cheap and allows targeting by pointing ones head so it does the same job.

    Question 6:The Mig-29UPG upgrade is for the Indian AF and is not related to the Indian Navy deal.

  5. Dear Igor

    Thanks for your post

    Considering that India has many more Mig 29 other than 69 being upgraded ,My question is whether the other Mig 29 are relatively modern and so dont require upgradation

    Or the number 69 is just for public disclosure the actual numbers are secret as in every weapon purchase by India

    Are These upgraded Mig 29 are now going to be equal to the Mig 29 SMT or even better

  6. Igor Good to see you back in action was missing your blog posting.

    Just one more thing on Mig-29UPG they have added a Hump on the spine which can carry additional fuel , they did something similar with Mig-29SMT before although they didnt pursue the hump concept after that , but it seems IAF liked it and have added to 29UPG upgrade program.

  7. Igor, Good to have you back.
    I have a question: How good is the Zhuk ME as compared to say APG-68v9?

  8. The rest of IAF MiG 29s were upgraded with mostly Israeli gear AFAIK...

  9. Hi Igor. thanks for posting the details. just one question. what is the internal fuel volume that is increased post this upgrade and are they similar to CFTs or permanent feature of the SMT upgrades on the Mig 29s?? and what was the internal volume before the upgrade??


  10. Interesting. I wonder why the IAF didn't simply go for the same components that were on the MiG-29K in order to maintain commonality between the two.

    Why the Sh-3UM-1 instead of the Sura-K on the Su-30MKI?

  11. Because there is no benefit at all with regards to logistics commonality between the IAF and IN.
    They are separate military branches that don't interoperate so any advantages of buying components in bulk or in commonality in training etc is lost because they have separate budgets and separate procurement procedures etc etc.

    AFAIK the HMS on the Su-30MKI is not Russian, so would not likely be offered as part of a Russian proposal unless specified by the customer.

  12. to Bharat
    Hi! Zhuk-ME is on the level of last generation for mechanic antenna radar and includes last technological improvement like advance signal processing and synthetic aperture mode. So, it must be on the level of APG-68 v9 with may be slightly longer distance due to more roomy nose cone for MiG-29

    guru: the internal volume design cannot be different from SMT because of similar basic airframe. MiG-29K and MiG-35 have significantly different airframe, so old MiGs cannot me modernized by MiG-29 way.

  13. Awesome update Igor

  14. Hi Igor,

    Is there any indian contribution is in this upgrade? like MFDs from samtel, DRDO's EW etc?

  15. igor, i understand it would be SMT standard but even for SMT too different websites quote diff volumes. can you clear it for me?? what was the internal volume before the upgrade and what is it post SMT standards??



  16. guru,
    the internal fuel storage volume of the basic configuration of MiG-29 is 4200 l. I dont know different number. However for SMT the unofficial site of MiG corp ( declares additional options for fuel storages, so the question of fuel capacity for SMT becomes ambiguous.

  17. more exactly, the basic SMT configuration include 2 additional tanks with 2020 l of fuel, which transformes to up to 3,5 time longer radius for certain kinds of purposes. source:

  18. That would likely be the extra fuel space created when the above wing louvers for the engine intakes are removed and replaced with gridded plates that allow air to flow through but hopefully stop foreign objects from entering the intake and damaging the aircraft.
    The SMT upgrade offers a wide range of changes and has been described as SMT1,2, and 3 by some people describing the upgrades.
    It is probably best to think of it as an Su-30MK where one customer will choose the MKI and another will choose the MKK or MKN etc etc.

  19. thanks Igor. appreciate that.


  20. GarryB,
    Sad to hear about the deaths in NZ earthquake. Hope you are safe.
    Mother Earth is indeed angry!
    -An Indian

  21. Thanks Anon... one of the facts of life when you live on the Pacific Ring of Fire.
    I was surprised how lethal it was, with lots of buildings completely collapsing.
    Friends and family living up there seem OK and I am fine too.

  22. GarryB, Good to hear that you are safe.
    It is not just Pacific Regions. In India, we experienced a massive quake in 2001. Three years later a huge tsunami killed a lot of people. I have a feeling that India or other South Asia or both is going to experience a massive natural disaster.
    People of India, especially the young and politicians have forgotten to do something good for Mother Earth. Most are looking for the material pleasure.
    (same Anon @11:31 AM)

  23. I guess the thing is that no where is safe... there is always something that can kill lots of people... floods, drought, volcanoes, earthquakes and tidal waves. As populations increase the potential for death increases too.
    Up until recently it was expected that any big lethal earthquake here would occur in Wellington as it sits on major fault lines. The world is full of surprises, but I agree it is the only one we have at the moment and we should be treating her better.

  24. saw the videos from NZ, a terrible picture, destroyed church, a real disaster... my condolence to the wounded and the relatives of the killed.

  25. The first bad earthquake they had was about 6 months ago but it happened at about 430am and there were no injuries, but ever since they have had a lot of aftershocks and their timing is random so you never know when the next one will come and how strong it will be.
    This recent lethal earthquake was not as powerful as the one 6 months ago but has been far more lethal.
    There have been lots of stories, like a 9 month old child that was killed when a big screen TV fell on her, or a group of foreign students from Japan who were moved out of a brick building in the first quake because it was deemed unsafe and are most likely dead now because the building they moved to collapsed completely. The brick building they were in is still standing.
    Terrible stuff, but then you look at people killed in natural disasters around the world like in Haiti and the floods and mudslides and earthquakes in Pakistan and around the place and you think it is nothing special.
    For the people of Christchurch however there is the problems of continuing aftershocks and the work of repairing property and getting prepared mentally. They will get aftershocks for another 6 months at least and every time they will wonder if this is just an aftershock or could this be a really big destructive one...
    My condolences to the people of Christchurch and Canterbury too.

  26. which one is better; upgrade the aircraft (MiG-29) or buy MiG-35?