Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Funny advertizing of T-90S tank :)

"If you are crazy because the traffic jams, if you are infuriated by the road police, if you are annoyed by the foreign cars, if you are bothered by the tires, so especially for you: the powerful full-gear crossover T-90S! The enforced chassis, the invincible armor, the diesel engine and the individual anti-missile system: all in one! We already don’t need rearward mirrors, because we don’t care… Donate the security belts to the adversaries! The ultimate answer to any problem: T-90S! Let'em  laugh the last time! T-90S: quality, which terrified the whole world…"


  1. Hi Igor,
    thanks for the answers.
    Do you expect to see any know how-tech goes from T-95 into new upgrades on T-90?
    Also now when tanks are declared less important, any chance to see new Sukhoi factory to improve building capacity?
    In RIA it was announced that Russian air force will get 1500 aircraft(350new) till 2020!
    Is it true that 2nd batch of another 48 SU-35BM will be ordered soon(RIA news source)?
    Also how can they build 80 SU-34 + 40 to 60 PAK FA till 2015 not to mention 90 SU-35 on top and all others with today's capacity?!
    Also not to mention foreign orders...
    How are they going to do all that with today's production capacity in Sukhoi!?!


  2. Sorry my mistake...
    Pak Fa will be built after 2015 of course..
    But still they (Sukhoi)have plenty planes to build, how they going to do it?!

  3. The capacity is enough if see the manufacturer location and the terms right:

    'The Defense Ministry has now signed contracts for the purchase of 32 Su-34 Fullback advanced fighter-bombers to be delivered by 2013 (Novosibirsk), 48 Su-35 Flanker-E fighters by 2015 (KNAAPO), 12 Su-27SM Flanker-B Mod. 1 fighters by 2011(KNAAPO), 4 Su-30M2 Flanker-C planes by 2011(KNAAPO) and 12 Su-25UBM Frogfoot combat trainers (Ulan-Ude).

    This year, the Defense Ministry intends to sign a contract for the delivery of 26 MiG-29K Fulcrum-D fighters by 2015 (Lukhovitsy). Additional contracts for the delivery of at least 80 Su-34s (Novosobirsk, till 2020) and 24-48 Su-35s (KNAAPO till 2020) are expected to be signed. In all, the Russian Air Force is to receive 240-260 new aircraft of these types (till 2020)'.

    So only 65 flankers will be made in KNAAPO in 5 years, that is not a big number.

  4. HI IGOR
    In 2001, India bought 310 T-90S tanks from Russia
    October 26, 2006, another 330 T-90M MBT
    India plans to have 310 T-90S and 1,330 T-90M tanks in service

    now what is the difference between the first batch of T-90S and the second batch of T-90M and the indian made T-90M

    1.does the indian made T-90M has indian "kanchan" armour? indian T-90M have ‘Kaktus’ embedded explosive reactive armour (ERA)? indian T-90M have 1,250 hp (919 kW) for V-96 12-cyl. diesel engine? indian T-90M have a new autoloader to fire new improved long rod penetrator?
    5.what will the active protection system the indian T-90S and T-90M will have?

  5. to N3SD!C:

    1 - No, because the geometry and mass limitation of T-90 turret-hull joint dont allow it.
    2 - No, because Kaktus is remained classified. Relict is already allowed for export and possily will be installed on the modernized indian T-90's.
    3 - You mean 1,250 hp V-99 diesel? It's possible, but new tests in Rajasthan are needed. Have no info about such tests, so let's wait.
    4 - Probably yes. This device was over all needed tests in Russia.
    5 - T-90S was bought without the regular soft kill APS Shtora due to the decision of Indian partners. Now Indian Army decided to equip most of tanks, T-90's and Arjuns first of all, with a hard kill or combined APS bought from a third vendor. In this situation I expect one standard system will be chosen for all tank fleet and installed in India. So, most probably the next batches of T-90's (T-90M) will come to India without APS and then will wait to installation according with the program. Although expect that when the program of APS installation will be mature, the installation will be done in Avadi factory during T-90M manufacturing.

  6. Igor do you have a Russian literature that compares T-90M with Western Tank like M1A2 Abrams, Leopard etc

    I am more keen on how they compare on Armour , firepower,protection,ammo etc

  7. to Austin:

    Should be understood the technical face of the modernized Indian T-90 ((T-90M) is still a classified issue. Only indirect estimations are available on the basis of existing modernizing programs and the current trends in India's armor forces.