Thursday, March 18, 2010

Indian SSN plans and Nerpa leasing

''Nerpa will help India in its objective to have three SSBNs (nuclear-powered submarines with long-range missiles) and six SSNs (nuclear-powered attack submarines) in the long-term" - wrights Rajat Pandit  in 'The Times of India'. His article was written in the wake of the news from Russia, confirming, that a group of Indian personal (50 crewmen with 8-10 officers between them) is coming to Russia for training on Akula-II class submarine.

Interestingly, I was right, when early have supposed the existence of Indian SSN ambitions and the link between them and the Nerpa leasing. It's despite only few information was about this in media. But sometimes it's easy to guess... I think, I will not be much wrong if say, that 1) the design works are already started and 2) the prospective Indian SSN will be based on Akula-II technologies and constructive solutions.


  1. Sorry OT but this makes a good read

    It seems the B-2 aircraft are not vulnerable to new generation of VHF anti-stealth radar developed by Russia due to its size and can effectively penetrate any air defence system and that will continue with New Gen of US bombers.

  2. IGOR:
    Indian Navy has signed a deal with the French DCNS for assistance in designing an SSGN.

    And at Defexpo 10 I went to the DCNS stall with a big Baracuda SSN model.They hinted that the nuke rector would have to be developed by Indians,maybe next generation of the plant on Arihant,the rest they are willing to transfer.

    2.Akula is probably for training people for the INS arihant + 2 sister subs.

    What do you think are the chances of Russia offring Yassen SSGN /Borei SSBN tech to India because the simple reason is we will not be able to match China 1 for 1 in nuke subs and shang class ssn with HTGR reactor is almost as quiet as the Akula.So the qualitative edge will come from some thing next gen baracuda ssn/yassen SSGN.

  3. to anon March 18, 2010 8:00 PM:

    Please, give us source, confirms DCNS involvement and disclaims Russian input in Indian SSN program.

  4. Hi Igorr. Most people believe that the Arihant is based on the Charlie class, but some people like the ex-Russian ambassador (Vyacheslav Trubnikov) believe it is based on the Akula class ( link - ). What do you think is right? And was the Arihant's reactor developed by Indian scientists with Russian consultancy or was it bought from Russia as some people claim?

  5. arihant's reactor was made by indian scientist,Russia played the role of consultants,the reactor is indigenous..problem was to make it compact,this is where the russians helped...

  6. @anon March 19, 2010 7:42 AM:
    Thanks, so the designing was done entirely by BARC? Is it comparable to other such sea going nuclear reactors? (Especially its noise levels)

  7. igor:
    What's this on the news about Russia's Il96/98 being in the race for USAF KC-X program!!!!?????

  8. In Russia they dont believe to win the tender, but more to demonstrate readiness for a 'new approach' in relationship. Indeed, Russia doesnt loss much, since they dont speak about new tech or a strategic product. After leasing tens of An-125 to NATO, what selling of few Il-96 can change?

  9. I have seen news reports saying that UAC will not bother to enter the competition.
    This is good in my opinion because they would have no chance of winning at all, and only for political reasons.
    Perhaps they should build 20 tankers and make them NATO and Russian standard and then offer them for lease to NATO if there is no requirement within Russia.
    However with the PAK FA clearly having an inflight refuelling probe and also the Su-35S and Mig-35S all having inflight refuelling probes and of course the Su-27SM and Mig-29SMT all having similar probes the Russian AF is going to need to increase its tanker fleet beyond just supporting long range aviation.

  10. Igor:

    Could you kindly enlighten us on the commonality between Indo-Russian MTA and Russia's new MC-21 narrow body aircraft.

    My question basicaly is what do you think is the feasability of a new line being opened in India for MS-21 just like China has a new line for A320?

  11. to anon March 24, 2010 8:16 PM

    They said will try to do the next gen civilian and transport aircrafts on maximally unified technologic basis. For ex the first MTA engine will be PS-90A2, common with current Russian civilian jets, but the 'second step' engine will be common with MS-21. The wings too will be done by common carbon-composite technology, the pilot consoles, avionics atc will be bery closely related. So, if the decision is done in India, there is no problem to develop manufacturing line for MS-21 on the base of MTA.

  12. Igor:

    Yeah I was thinking that license producing it in India would be a good idea both for the project as break even would no longer be an issue as well as from the point of view of our supplier development.
    Face it A/B will not let us do any critical work hell they don't even allow Russia to do complicated work.
    You know in the future 2020-2030 timeframe I think UAC/HAL should seriously think of making an Airbus type of a company if you look at Boeing yellowstome roadmap then MC-21 corresponds with Y1.
    The Il-98+++ will correspond to Y2 and some civil successor to sukhoi's VLA concept could be Y3.
    What is needed is $$$$ and a quasi captive market(Like Boeing has in Us and Japan) which in 2020-30 period should be sufficiently large between India and Russia.
    Your views please???

  13. some news on Yasen

    The submarine was named Severodvinsk. Engineers of the company said that it would be quieter and much more powerful than the USA’s Sea Wolf.

    Severodvinsk is a twin-hull nuclear submarine with decreased level of acoustic field. The submarine has ten compartments. The cruiser carries an extraordinarily strong complex of arms capable of solving combat tasks with practically any type of modern surface vessels and submarines. For the first time in the history of domestic ship-building, torpedo-launching systems are located behind the compartment of the central station. The new sonar complex Irtysh was installed in the fore end of the sub. Severodvinsk has eight vertical missile-launching systems: each of the systems houses three missiles.

    Anti-vessel 3M55 Onix missiles will reportedly become the basic attack weapon of the new submarine. The missile was designed to strike targets at a distance of up to 300 kilometers under the condition of radio-electronic and combat resistance. The missiles are equipped with the system of artificial intelligence and can recognize all electronic images of surface vessels. They destroy the central target in a group, change their tactics and continue to destroy targets on the principle of their importance.

    The new submarine will become the perfect weapon for military actions in the distant ocean zone. Official spokespeople for the Russian Navy said that the Severodvinsk would be passed into service in 2011.

  14. Dear Igor,
    My heartiest condolences to Russia and Children of Mother Russia for the deaths caused by the lunatic devils. I hope Russia will bounce back stronger. Together with Mother India, you can destroy these devils.

    A son of Mother India.

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