Saturday, September 17, 2011

T-90MS ERA&ammo layout

Ammo formula: 22 + 8 + 10


  1. Interesting that the ammo in the turret bustle is completely separate from the crew compartment.

    Any word on how much MG ammo is carried?

    Would assume the coaxial MG has 2,000 rounds in one belt as normal, but the remote MG is now a 7.62mm MG replacing the 12.7mm, the old gun having 300 rounds. I would think the new gun has rather more that 300 rounds as the 7.62mm rounds are smaller and lighter than 12.7mm rounds.

    The remote control 7.62mm gun mounted next to the panoramic sight should mean that if the commander spots a soft target nearby he can shoot at it immediately without having to swing the main gun around.

  2. Wonderful.

    Now just replace the gun and autoloader with the one proposed for the T-90AM and I get the ideal Indian Army T-90(of my dreams)!

  3. I think the MS has the autoloader of the AM, but the longer penetrators will not be for export at the moment.

    ...of course for India they might make an exception.
    There is talk that the new long rod penetrator is made of a special new alloy of depleted uranium.

    This will likely effect how it is deployed and it might just be kept in storage for real war.

    Training would make training ground cleanups more expensive and create toxic hazard areas around targets because of the dust generated by impacts.

    I suspect this round will be kept for wars on foreign soil or in cases of extreme emergency.

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