Friday, December 3, 2010

'Trikand' is prepeared for launch

The third project 11356 ship 'Trikand' is prepared for launching in 'Yantar' plant  (Kaliningrad-Konigsberg, Russia). The 'BrahMos' missiles launchers are already installed on she, reported the workers team newspaper. The next ship will seemingly be a frigate for the Black Sea Navy they said. It would be a smooth transition for 'russificated' 11356 project, initially developed particularly  for Indian Navy. The Russian systems will be installed there instead of Indian and Western equipment.
And some history:


  1. I thought the only non-Russian systems that were substituted in the Talwars were the navigation radar and sonar? Is there anything else?

    Also, will it use the Ukrainian Zorya-Mashproekt gas turbines or the new NPO Saturn models? Thx.

  2. Gas-turbines will be the new joint Saturn-Zorya project M90FR - a high-capacity (27500 hp) marine gas-turbine engine in either combination with Russian marine diesels ('Zvezda' or 'Kolomna plant')

  3. Is that the one developed for the Gorshkov class? Won't the propulsion plant, shafting etc. need reworking if they're adding a new powerplant?

  4. thanks igorr this is the first video of this kind in eastern or western world for any warship

    i will be pleased to see similar video for ins vikramaditya

  5. to igor

    do u know how far the zhuk ae development has reached?? will it b shown at aero india 2011?