Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kirov saga: how it was started

Since returning 3 remained Kirov class cruisers to service was declared, it would be interesting to look how it was started. This is a Soviet Navy video (from early 80th) about first Kirov class cruiser capability, recently declassified.


  1. These were impressive ships for their time, but frankly it is a waste of resources to spend billions on recommissioning them when the Russian Navy could just build new ships with similar capability. The global trend is to have smaller but better-equipped ships that can do the tasks of larger old classes, and there is already a Russian destroyer design(the Project 21956) that has an air defence system and firepower comparable to the larger Slava cruiser.

  2. @Gautam

    From what I know
    (which is infinitely less than Igor)Kirov class last longer (more economic and already well proven ships) than majority of smaller ships and when upgraded with completely new systems their firepower will also proportionally rise even when compared to the new destroyers like Project 21956.
    Even like this (without upgrade) Peter the Great is second to none in fire power...


    What is your take Igor is Russia going to buy Slava class"Ukraine" for Black sea fleet to re-mediate problem of limited productivity of Russian shipyards?

  3. You can't replace size in a navy vessel.
    Sure size means cost, but it also means capability as well.
    If the Russians want carriers then they will need command ships to command the battle groups.
    A very large ship like a Kirov is a large target, but its size means it can both command and also defend itself and the vessels around it better.
    Any carrier group will need a swarm attack to defeat it... to overwhelm its defences. Having large ships with enormous numbers of available missiles simply makes the chance of overwhelming it more difficult.

  4. to PAK FA fan:

    ==What is your take Igor is Russia going to buy Slava class"Ukraine" for Black sea fleet to re-mediate problem of limited productivity of Russian shipyards?==

    - It they buy it does go to the Far East. No place for cruisers in a close basin like Black Sea. I think they will decide in 2 years, whether they indeed buy it or not. Most probably - not, since they decided to revive the Kirov class.

  5. Hello Igor, Hello GarryB and others:

    Interesting discussions.

    I wonder whether large ships such as the one mentioned by Igor here will do the purpose well considering the anti-ship ballistic missiles developed by Chinese. They boast that, they can target any ships in the world with their ASBM missile and there is no defense system against these missiles.

    In one of the Chinese forums, I saw a discussion in which Chinese people are already celebrating that they can shoot down even USS George Washington. One person commented (translated to English), "I see the Red is all over the world, from sky to water..."

    My query is, so considering this ASBM capability of China (DF-21), don't you think large sized ships such as this is an easy prey for DF-21, whereas the smaller ships, which are much faster and maneuverable, are a better option in the current scenario?

    How did China achieve ASBM capability? I am not sure whether US and Russia have this capability. How do these two nations do to counter the threat from DF-21?

    What is the main difference between an ASBM and a Ballistic Missile? Any links to these information are very well appreciated.


  6. to anon August 30, 2010 5:42 PM:

    It's damn true that ASBMs - is a totally new class of weapon, the role of which should be well estimated. What disturb me is a question: whether Chinese have any reliable satellite guiding system for aiming such a missile to the target? I never heard about Chinese analog of Soviet\Russian global maritime satellite aiming system MKRTs 'Legenda'. Without such system any anti-ship BM - is only a piece of metal .

    Second thing, that rises my question - is why Soviets, which took on service the first world ASBM 4K10 on launch system D-5 in 1968, stoped it in 1982 even after deep modernisation (D-5K with 4K-18 missile)? They obviousely had reasons for that.

    3rd: since 80th the ABM systems were in huge progress, including the ship-based, so I dont see the current Chinese betting on ASBMs is too logical considering changing circumstances not to favor of BMs. Hypersonic technology seems to me much more promising in AS role.

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