Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lada's close-up

Some close distance pictures of Pr. 677 'Lada', made by me in San-Petersburg:


  1. Look very powerful.

    Good works of Russian ship builders.

  2. According to this article the Lada is inferior to the German U-212A submarine and is not a true 4th gen submarine.

    Its in russian so need to use some online translator.

  3. to Austin:

    It's too easy to go for conclusion about a generation based on one isolated parameter. With the same assurance one can claim U-212 is not a true 4th gen submarine coz it lacks missiles. If summarize the capabilities Lada is not behind U-212, considering much stronger weapon. Combined with satellite based Liana-Lotos sattelite surveillance system it leads to the multiplicative effect, that even dont planned by the Germans.

  4. Mr.Igor,
    Ihave a Q?
    I963 aggrement with mig as ihave understand that any mig in future is produce,it will be transfer to produce in india.Even Former president Breznev offered Mig 31.Then why mig 35 have to go throgh tender.

  5. Same reason the Mig-31 was not produced and used by India... India doesn't seem to want it.

    They seem to just want upgraded Mig-29s for the moment.