Friday, August 7, 2009

First picture of Indian SSBN

"India Today" has published the first picture of the newly built 'Arihant' Indian first SSBN (via livefist blog). Although the picture is intentionally downgraded and PS-ed the visible resemblance with Russian Delta-IV class SSBN is clear. It rather disproves previous reports (mostly in Pakistani and Chinese media) that 'Arihant' could be a copy of obsolete 'Charlie'-class SSN. The Russian support in 'Arihant' design was  confirmed early by number of sourses.  

Project 667BDRM 'Dolphin' (Delta-IV) – is the backbone of modern Russian strategic marine nuclear forces.  There are 8 subs of this class on service now. The first submarine of this class was laid down in February 1984. According to the most trustful Russian site 'Atrina'  issued to sub-surfice warfare this class of submarines is very quite. Then an American hunter SSN of «Improved Los Angeles» class can detect Delta-IV from 30 km distance only in ideal condition. However, 92% of time the weather and hydro-acoustic conditions aren’t ideal in Ice Ocean, then American sonar BQQ-5 cannot detect it at all or the distance of detection is reduced to only 10 km.There are clear visible anechoic plates on the Arihant's skin too, so its probably level of acoustic emission must be close to Russian Delta-IV class. 


  1. Igorr, its probably an improved version of the Delta-4, call it a Delta-5 or Indian design using lessons from the Delta 4. The Indian sub does not have a hump for instance.

  2. to anon 5:57
    It does. You can even distinguish the hump on the picture left margine. However, it's less prominent than Deltas have, due to different dimention of India's BMs.


  4. Igor I was just thinking,Russia still has a near super power Industrial base and science infrastructure but only a trillion dollar economy what do you think of the chances of russian MIC being fused to India's still small MIc to create a joint front in everything ssbn,ssn,bulava,aesa,FGFA,wide body aircraft etc etc for eg just like RR has Liberty works in the us which is eligible for DARPA funding perhaps there could be klimov India which could deliver advanced kaveri engine for MCA program and assemble in from raw materials in India some thing like that your views please.

  5. to anon August 23, 2009 6:19 AM:

    I fully support such idea. Let's hope it will be realized even if partially.

    About engines for fighters: today read in ITAR-TASS Russia will support 26 complectation kits for licension produced RD-33 ser 3 engines in India

    also the production line for Yakhont\BrahMos missiles family is fully occupied with the orders. It's many tens of missiles a year.

    So, can be sure for something good...

  6. Igor
    I think that India and Russia should collaborate for development of Kaveri Turbofan Engine.
    I fail to understand what prevents them from doing so